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Reid Inouye of Standup Paddle Magazine supporting his Surf SUP Quiver using ProBox Finsystem. The Performance Finsystem of the 21st Century.

Reid Inouye of Standup Paddle Magazine with his Probox Finsystem Surf SUP Quiver

Reid Inouye of Standup Paddle Magazine with his Probox Finsystem Surf  SUP Quiver
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

18 ft. Unlimited Bark SUP with Larry Allison Dagger concept

Here's a Ride Review by John Bowling the owner of this 18-ft./ 6-in. Unlimited Bark who lives and Paddles in the San Francisco Bay, which has some of the strongest currents and wind conditions.

Ride Review:
Gentlemen- It is with renewed confidence that after installing Larry's dual daggers on my 18'6" SUP Bark battleship, that I can actually navigate through wind, current and bump without wanting to shoot myself in the head! This is something I previously thought only possible with the addition of a full rudder system..... before Larry lent me a hand.
Let me just paint a quick picture for you of my experience before the addition of the mid-fin. This board was fast on the flats, in calm conditions, but it easily fell off course. It would yaw to the left or right, with the slightest bit of wind or current. And, the harder I paddled, the quicker I had to change sides too. I'd go for 6-10 mile paddles and find myself caught in squalls or currents in the San Francisco Bay pitching sideways, totally frustrated, just trying to get home with some sense of dignity. Joe Bark sympathized with me, but was reluctant to retrofit a rudder on the board while he was keeping pace with all his orders and referred me to Larry. It's cool, Joe! You are The MAN!
Larry's inline dagger, mid-fin concept gave my board the lateral stability I needed. I easily doubled the efficiency of my work. Now, I can easily fire off 10-20 sprint strokes on one side, before switching to the other side, to stay on course. This has preserved the glide and simplicity of a rudderless board, on a board simply to long to be rudderless otherwise. When conditions do get more than moderately challenging, I still have to hammer away to fight the drift, but I'm not cut to my knees, feeling like an (m)oaron! Thanks Larry, for all your help! I'm stoked! John