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Reid Inouye of Standup Paddle Magazine supporting his Surf SUP Quiver using ProBox Finsystem. The Performance Finsystem of the 21st Century.

Reid Inouye of Standup Paddle Magazine with his Probox Finsystem Surf SUP Quiver

Reid Inouye of Standup Paddle Magazine with his Probox Finsystem Surf  SUP Quiver
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Friday, November 26, 2010


I would like to Welcome Beau Whitehead and a few of his friends from the Northwest to the Allison Race Fin Movement. Be sure to follow Beau at  Below are some kind words from Beau after getting his BAT RACE KEEL FIN.

Add caFibre Glas Fin Company Race Fin

I contacted Larry Allison via Facebook to ask about his SUP race fins. He asked for my phone number and called me. We talked for over 30 minutes about everything fin-science. I learned a ton of stuff in 30 minutes. Mostly he told me why I didn't like some of my previous fins and why his foil designs would be better. For my boards and racing conditions, he recommended the Eric Terrien pro model BatWing design. He custom made it for me the following week.

I paddled it for the first time today, but in 25 degrees, ice cold conditions, there was not much I could tell... I was too damn cold. It did seem to track very well. I will report more once I can test it in flat and down wind conditions.

What I'm hoping for is a fin with low-drag, good tracking and good weed-shedding ability. If looks say anything... it is a winner.

If you want to contact Larry, check out his website or send him a message via Facebook. He prefers to talk to paddlers before he sells them a fin... to make sure you get the right design for your needs. Thanks Larry.