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Reid Inouye of Standup Paddle Magazine supporting his Surf SUP Quiver using ProBox Finsystem. The Performance Finsystem of the 21st Century.

Reid Inouye of Standup Paddle Magazine with his Probox Finsystem Surf SUP Quiver

Reid Inouye of Standup Paddle Magazine with his Probox Finsystem Surf  SUP Quiver
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ride Review from Standup Paddle Magazine on the new Jim Terrell Stealth Race Fin by Larry Allison

Just did a 2 mile R&D run at Ala Moana Beach Park. The Jimmy Terrell Fibre Glas Fin. Co. Larry Allison race keel to be exact was the test. I always gauge Larry's Becker/Mills race keel against whatever is placed in front of the Standup Paddle Magazine feedback team.This was the result;The Jim Terrell race keel gets way more strokes per side and even in the wind, the "yaw" was minimal. On a straight course, this one will have a lot less cross over which means keeping speed rate up and momentum going. I even went up to 16 strokes per side. I never thought that was possible.The Becker/Mills fin got me 12 plus strokes but what I like about that fin is on buoy turns, especially on those hard cross-bows, you can yank and turn a lot easier than the JT race keel.Both fins are good. Like having a 12'6 and a 14 or open water and flat water board, you should always have a quiver of at least 2 race fins. It could be a matter of a gold, silver or bronze medal at the next race. Or even 4th which means no medal especially if it was your neighbor who beat you at the last race.So whether you're doing a course race or straight course, know your equipment.



  1. Where on the Island of Kauai,Hi can i find
    Fibre Glas Fin Co.(Larry Allison) SUP-Fins???

  2. Hi Tai, Nowhere on Kauai! Please feel free to contact me at the factory 310-530-1383. Mahalo, Larry